YGGDRASIL STUDIO is an independent game creators based on Midgard. We create works with Lee Yunseok, the core creator based on Korea, Republic of.

Our creative philosophy is as follows:


We love indies. We respect the indie creators. We are indie. We will stay indie.


What we think is important. It is the spirit of resistance in the era. We express it as rough and naked, like a hvergelmir.


Each creators have their own creative-individuality. We believe this will be our own unique piece of work.


Since by 2013, we are currently working for the Project DW. It covers the biography of Choi Ga-yeon, a one-woman based on Korea, Republic of.

Apart from that, we are also doing other projects. Our released game projects are listed below:


Lightweight but powerful. Optimized for Steam Workshop and customizable. YGGDRASIL JIGSAW PUZZLE is an independent puzzle game created by YGGDRASIL STUDIO.

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Discouraged Workers

An independent progressive kinetic novel. This the fifth in the Project DW series, a satirical story based on the popular Korean soap operas-styled plot. It compares Ga-yeon’s bleak everyday life to the dark side of youth.

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"Discouraged Workers shows how the Visual Novel can be a great narrative medium. I enjoyed to experience this story of Late Twenty-Somethings adults, struggling with common feelings like spleen or bitterness, here depression for its more extreme form, confronted with the harsh reality of life, making a living or develop an harmonious relationship."

Stephane, Steam user -September 27 2015

"Such people exist everywhere in society, even if you cannot always see them. Depression is a silent killer. It is an incredibly severe and widespread condition. Anyone can be a victim to it. It can be someone you love, the person you yelled at this morning, it can be the nice girl you met on the way to work, it can be your old neighbor, it can even be you, or me. All of them deserve to get better and live their lives to the fullest. They deserve to be happy. Discouraged Workers reminds you that these people exist and give a glimpse into what it’s like to live as them. And that’s what’s most beautiful about this game."

Aniket Majumdar, Writer of Haogamers -July 26 2016

"A common story that looks like just a likely story. A story that looks like just a fiction from a soap opera, but actually could happen to anyone."

So Reyeon, Web fictionist -September 16 2014

"This game, despite its frustrating design, will hit unemployed or underemployed millennial gamers right where it hurts. It’s a satirical take on Korean soap operas, but the plot — powerlessly navigating a sluggish economy with debt and a useless degree — feels distinctly American as well."

Emily Gaudette, Writer and editor of Inverse -January 29 2016

"The game itself is a piece of art, wich makes me sad that there I thought the game would be longer and with more choices thought (that's the only con of the game). I hope in the future the developer and his team can expand the game a little more so it could be more fair priced (notice that it took me around 3 hours to finish the game and understand the story completely)."

Rodrigo, Steam user -February 12 2016

"The extremely dark atmosphere and realism make for an interesting departure that's pretty far removed from what you'd normally expect out of a visual novel, and it's worth giving a try for that alone."

Brittany Vincent, Editor of SyfyGames.com -Dec 12 2015

"И так ... "Discouraged Workers" весьма неплохая новелла, не сильно запутана и довольно хороший сюжет ( правда будет много слёз... очень много, от гг ) , даётся не рас выбор, который будет влиять на концовку ( что в принципе во многих новеллах и есть, и к слову - концовок будет несколько и ток 1-а хорошая , ибо гг потерявшийся человек в жизни и ей проще с нею расстаться, чем найти решение ), что касается рисовки - приемлема."

Yūri no Reizā, Steam user -August 24 2015

"Kinetic novels now have achievements. We've reached critical mass people."

Matt Chelen, Writer of MMOs.com -May 21 2015

"A little poetry in this world of brute! Cheer up!"

We Are BotsVideo game development studio -October 14 2015

"あ、製作者は韓国人なのね ちょっとほっとした。 これが北米や欧州で作られたのだったら、より衝撃は大きい……コンセプトやセンスがあまりにも日本的だったので……ちょっと尖りすぎてるので、日本人の作品ではないと思ってたけども。"

桜下六妖城, Twitter user -November 2 2015

Working in progress


Where is my cranberry jam?

An indie puzzle adventure. This is an extra-sequel in the Project DW series, a MOD of Discouraged Workers, and individual title. Ga-yeon must find the missing cranberry jam.

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Game Jolt



The fourth in the Project DW series, Fimbulvetr is three harsh winter that precedes the end of the world and puts an end to all life on Earth.


Save Yourself

The third in the Project DW Series, Save Yourself is a hardcore maze crawler game.

A Squirming Fairytale

A Squirming Fairytale

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