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Discouraged Workers is an independent progressive kinetic novel created by YGGDRASIL STUDIO. The episode is the fifth in the Project DW series, a satirical story based on the popular Korean soap operas-styled plot. It compares Ga-yeon’s bleak everyday life to the dark side of youth.

As a hospital coordinator, Ga-yeon fell in love with a doctor at the hospital she was working in and they had an affair even though the doctor was a married man. When the director found out, she was fired. For over a year she tried to find another job, but her mental uneasiness eventually made her give up and she became a recluse.

A year later, in the spring of 2013, her younger sister, Hye-na, and her first love Yunwoo come to her.

A story about the dark side of today’s youth and serious life events happening around Ga-yeon.

Discouraged Workers



December 12, 2015

“The extremely dark atmosphere and realism make for an interesting departure that’s pretty far removed from what you’d normally expect out of a visual novel, and it’s worth giving a try for that alone.”

Brittany Vincent

Editor of

Discouraged Workers -Wail Trailer Final



January 29, 2016

“This game, despite its frustrating design, will hit unemployed or underemployed millennial gamers right where it hurts. It’s a satirical take on Korean soap operas, but the plot — powerlessly navigating a sluggish economy with debt and a useless degree — feels distinctly American as well.”

Emily Gaudette

Writer and editor of Inverse



July 26, 2016

“Depression and anxiety aren’t often well-represented in gaming. Enter Yggdrasil Studio’s VN to offer a glimpse behind the veil.

Such people exist everywhere in society, even if you cannot always see them. Depression is a silent killer. It is an incredibly severe and widespread condition. Anyone can be a victim to it. It can be someone you love, the person you yelled at this morning, it can be the nice girl you met on the way to work, it can be your old neighbor, it can even be you, or me. All of them deserve to get better and live their lives to the fullest. They deserve to be happy. Discouraged Workers reminds you that these people exist and give a glimpse into what it’s like to live as them. And that’s what’s most beautiful about this game.”

Aniket Majumdar

Writer of Haogamers

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